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…this really is not a diary.

I’ve tried keeping diaries so many times. I have lots of beautiful, hardcover journals stashed away all over my home, each with one to three entries–carefully and neatly written in ink to match the journal cover. I mean well when I begin!

Consistency is not my strong suit. Not in writing, or really much of anything else. I’ve got two original and incomplete novels stored on a hard drive, both obsessively written for days or even weeks, and both abandoned. I’ve left a trail of neglected blogs throughout cyberspace dating back to 2001 at least. And in my parents’ storage building, I am fairly certain there is still a stack of lined notebooks absolutely filled with barely legible first chapters, character descriptions, and plotlines.

But the urge to publish meaningless blurbs about life has struck once more, so here I am with a newly-created blog and nothing really pressing to say.

Hmmm, well….things I might post about:

Fitness- last year, I had never run over a mile in my life and for some insane reason, I ran a 10k race and actually survived. After that surprising development (I was not expecting to live past mile 3, and that seemed generous), I got it into my head to run a half marathon this year. Training for that is in progress! I also love yoga, and even though I don’t have a studio where I currently live, I make an attempt to get in at least 15 minutes of solo practice each day.

Food- because who doesn’t like food?! I’m a vegetarian and many days I end up eating entirely vegan meals. Since I text my mom a lot of photos of new recipes I try out, I suppose it’s safe to say I might do the same here. Also, I’m working hard to lose these five pounds I’ve put on (doesn’t sound like much but when you’re short…) so I might write confessionals if I break down and pig out, then feel guilty! Here’s looking at you, ChocoTaco…

Travel- I happen to travel a lot, and I love it, but I tend to have misadventures….like the time I accidentally marched with the Italian Communist Party in Rome…that’s a story for another night!

Complaints- sometimes a girl just needs to vent into an outlet that offers neither comfort nor judgment! It’s cathartic to write about things that are annoying me. I won’t turn this into a big bitch-fest though!

Kiddos- because they just do the most hilarious things sometimes. Like this evening, when one sharted at the dinner table. Or a few nights ago when we all had to whisper because there was a giant chicken in the house who would tear the house down if we spoke too loudly. I have two young sons who always keep me entertained…or at least not bored. I spend a good part of my days playing with toys and such, so I’ll probably write about that at some point!

Nerd stuff- Okay, I read a lot. I mean a lot. Anything from Harry Potter (my favorite!) to the Vampire Chronicles (I have a signed bookplate from Anne!) to the Mists of Avalon to Don Quixote…..and yes, I even read fan fiction. Which brings me to my favorite nostalgic tv shows: Sailor Moon, Dragonball, Gundam Wing….sigh. The nineties were awesome. I also love original Nintendo, SNES, and N64 games. I still have my Gameboy. And I will sit and watch every Marvel superhero movie ever made (but my favorite characters are Iron Man and Thor), which actually makes me more of a super-cool mom than a nerd. I am not sure what I might post along these lines, unless it’s to share an odd tidbit (wow, I unwittingly came across my own fanfic that I wrote 11 years ago still on FF.net?) or some embarrassing anecdote (my husband asked if I had nightmares after we watched Insidious 2 and I said not really, I dreamed about some guys trying to kidnap the boys but Vegeta was there and ascended to the Legendary…). Just fair warning.

Well I believe that’s enough for tonight. I am going to shut myself in the bedroom for my nightly relaxation yoga to drown out GTA 5 (seriously, he just beat the game an hour ago and has started again)…