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Well, I sure was in for it when I started cleaning out my cabinet under the sink! Everything was soaking…wet.

Turns out there was a leak under there. My basket of mani/pedi supplies was soggy! All of the random bottles and travel bags….soaked. Ugh. Still feeling my uber-capable, productive mood from earlier in the morning, I naturally turn on the faucet to assess the problem. After getting sprayed with water I isolated the problem! Go me! It looked like the leak was coming from a twisty sort of thing, and I figured if I tightened the twisty thing then it would fix the leak.

So I turned the twisty thing.




The pipe just broke apart, separated–I have no idea why! So I called the maintenance number to get someone to come out and repair it, because after all, it is our master bath and we sort of need to use it. While on the phone, I mentioned that our heating unit upstairs had been making a loud noise, just because they were on the line and I’d been meaning to call that in for some time. To my surprise and annoyance, they decided that the heating unit was an urgent issue and they were sending someone out right away. The sink they said, could wait until Thursday. Thursday. Two guys came out and repaired whatever was going on with the heating unit, but no one could just pop my sink pipes back together really quick?? I mean, I assume it could be a quick fix but I really know nothing about it. Still, though. They were here at the house for half an hour! And we have two heating units. That was just a minor nuisance, which we were dealing with just fine by turning the downstairs unit higher at night and leaving bedroom doors open. But my sink?! I just hope one of us doesn’t forget–despite the big orange sign I taped to the faucet–and turn on the water.

It’s only 4:30 but I’m calling it a day as far as actually Getting Stuff Done. Looking at my earlier post, I have to admit today was a total health flop. I did eat the Ben & Jerry’s (not all of it at least!). I did skive off my run, but more due to the fact that it was really windy and cold even at midday and I just really didn’t want to fight the stroller against strong winds! On the plus side, the bathroom cabinets are very nicely organized albeit in aquatic peril. The boys’ dressers are neat and clean, and the laundry is caught up.

Now, I’m going to sit on the couch and watch Dragonball until it’s time to make dinner! I will actually cook something for myself instead of just having instant tofu soup again. I owe it to me, after today’s meals consisting of a pop tart, a serving of peanut butter ice cream, and a bunch of pistachios. But tonight, I will feast upon grilled portobello burgers….I think.