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…because the time has come to pick up the slack in my son’s bedroom and playroom cleaning. This happens every so often because, in spite of “cleaning” his room at least every other day, it just continues to get messy. “Clean your bedroom” to an eight-year-old essentially means “Get the floor visible by piling your crap on the dressers.” And “Clean the playroom” means…..”Go up there and quietly play until Mom or Dad peeks in and then just toss the toy into a bin and act like you were doing that the entire time.”

I’m also feeling oddly inspired by spending half a hour browsing through http://www.thecontainerstore.com yesterday, so I’m going to reorganize the bathroom cabinets. I think that this might actually get done today, because I did manage to wake up with the alarm, clean the kitchen in between getting my son off to school, fit in a nice yoga practice before a)the husband came in, and b)youngest son woke up. Now I’m sitting at the computer, blogging, with a cup of peppermint tea. That simply reeks of productivity!

So, today, I will:

  • Clear off the dressers and shelves in the boys’ room.
  • Make the bathroom cabinets look ah-mazing.
  • Take a midday break to run at least 2 ONE mile (stroller running sucks!)
  • Not neglect regular washing and vacuuming while swept up in bathroom organization.

I will not:

  • Take a “quick break” and watch Youtube videos or read fanfic.
  • Skive off running for being “too busy.”
  • Eat the Ben & Jerry’s in the freezer.