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I really only needed to buy toilet paper and paper towels, and then my husband requested a six pack and a tray of crackers and cheese. Oh, and a new pack of glow chalk because I royally screwed up the kit earlier today. Easy enough trip, nice and quick.

Wrong. When I walked in the building, my brain decided to stay outside. Completely forgetting what I was actually looking for, I wandered back into the shoe section. After trying on several pairs, I chose some new Tom’s (yay!). Then I remembered the chalk, and headed toward the toy section. On the way, I was sidetracked by the pretty Valentine’s lingerie on display….and about ten minutes later had added two (adorable) new bras to my basket. Thinking about Valentine’s Day made me remember that I’d thought about getting some new nail polish for our trip, so I went and browsed through that for a while….ended up with OPI Princesses Rule (can’t wait to try that out!) Oh yes, the glow chalk….I looked on every toy aisle and in the art section and found nothing! Sooo it was on to the grocery part of the trip.

I could not find the snack tray. I wandered all over the store and could not find it. I picked up a couple of bags of pita chips and a can of chick peas, thinking I’d make myself some homemade hummus tonight. Then a half-formed idea of making a snack tray for my husband to take to his Super Bowl party struck, and I picked up two kinds of cheese. Then I forgot all about the crackers and meat when I ran into the babysitter and started talking…

I made it to the line (which was stretched halfway back into the store) where I promptly recalled the need for beer tonight….had to go back for it. Naturally they were all out of my husband’s preferred brew, so I grabbed a nice German Pilsner knowing he wouldn’t want to bring it with him…..

Arrived back home and realized I had forgotten the most important things, the toilet paper and paper towels!

Things I Needed To Buy:
– Toilet Paper
– Paper Towels
– Glow Chalk
– Snack Tray
– Bud Light Platinum

Things I Actually Bought:
– Tom’s Shoes
– Two Bras
– OPI Princesses Rule
– Pita Chips and Chick Peas
– Pilsner

I have no idea how this happened.