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Well, okay, it’s not that dramatic. But for a traveling free spirit like yours truly, accepting a job offer is a little bit scary.

I’ll do a list, I like lists. And I’m waiting for Human Resources to correct my name so I can actually get on with the process of giving up my life to the government.

I will not:

  • Be able to build Thomas the Tank track systems all day.
  • Have time to read novel-length fanfic. Or possibly any sort of novel-length anything, including novels.
  • Have a super-clean house anymore…because with two small kids, one husband, and a dog, that takes up a lot of my day.
  • Be able to suddenly fly to Germany, or the US, or anywhere else really. Also won’t be able to spontaneously decide to stay an extra week or two in any destination.
  • Go to the market, as they’re all closed up by noon-ish.

I will:

  • Double our household income, woot woot!
  • Get to actually use my training and education.
  • Pay off my car in a couple of months, ayyy!
  • Have lots of adult interaction.
  • Do a helluva lot more shopping!
  • Get full benefits and retirement, which I suppose I’ll be grateful for when I’m older..
  • Possibly hire a housekeeper.

I’ve been staying at home with my youngest for nearly two years, I suppose it is time to get back into the workforce and use this well-earned degree that’s been collecting dust. I am excited for the opportunity, because it seems like it will be a really fun job. And, well, Lululemon isn’t exactly cheap so some extra shopping money will be nice…

I will miss lazy days with my little buddy though, and getting my bigger buddy off the school bus every day. I’ll miss taking the kids off on extended vacations around the world during the summer. I’ve enjoyed my leisure time. I haven’t felt guilty at all about not working, but having worked full-time when both kids were much younger, I won’t feel guilty about working either. I do expect to be exhausted the first week or so, especially since my new job can get physically demanding. But I think overall I will be happy!

In the meantime, I’m making sure to live up these last days of freedom by coloring on all the windows, playing endless Super Smash Bros. tournaments, building train tracks around the entire house, reading all my back issues of Cosmo and also some fanfics, decorating our driveway with chalk, cooking three meals a day, and generally acting like a big kid.