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I can never go to sleep at a decent time on Wednesday evenings, because Wednesday evenings are my favourite! This is Krav Maga night! And thanks to my high-powered pre-workout supplements, I am wired for the rest of the night even after 2.5 hours of non-stop hand-to-hand combat and calisthenics. 

Sometimes I even feel like going for a run when I get home, but I don’t…because that would be slightly obsessive and insane. 

Tonight we worked on knife combat. Super fun, but…. who gets cut (and actually bleeds) with a rubber training knife? Yep, THIS GIRL. I felt like a dumbass. Oh well. At least now I’m pretty confident in my ability to stealthily stab a random guy on the street with no one being the wiser. (No plans on doing that anytime soon, but hey, life skills.) I am, however, now resolved to purchase a training knife for use at home to work on properly catching said knife without cutting myself. Because if I can manage blood with a rubber knife, it would not be pretty with a real one!!