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YES! I’m so excited to say that I have met my goal of running a half marathon!

True, it was only me and my favorite playlists, and a few planes overhead since I run around an airfield. But I did it, and jumped up and down (painfully) and squealed like a crazy person at the end!

I am so proud of myself for having the willpower and strength to keep going even when no one would have seen if I stopped. I don’t even care if I’m tooting my own horn here, I just accomplished a major goal for myself! Sure, my time could definitely be better–and it will be! Instead of feeling like the goal is complete and over, now I’m having a strange desire to go straight back out there and do it again and again. (I’m going to drag a friend out there next time, though, it got just a teeny bit boring after 8 miles alone.) 

Naturally, when I came home, I ate half a pizza. -_- 

I like to think since it was entirely handmade from fresh, local ingredients that it isn’t that bad, but still. I ate half a pizza. Oh well.