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…the guise of being a mature, responsible adult becomes simply too hard to maintain. When this happens, it’s helpful to reflect your temporary resignation from the mature adult world with your clothing choices.

This hoodie says, “Hey, just a heads up, if you want to have a reasonable conversation about meaningful topics, you’re not going to get it here.” It also says, “Hey world, it’s a fuck-all kind of day so carry on without me.” And tonight, it says, “I’m too lazy to even walk over to my best friend’s house so I’m going to sit here with my Franz Ferdinand albums and my red wine and hope she comes to me instead.”

I don’t know why I am so tired, but it’s just after 7 and I am ready for bedtime! I think it might be my body’s way of cramming in every last bit of laziness before work starts. Regardless, I am shamelessly sporting this Ausfahrt hoodie that I once thought was hilarious while indulging in fine German beer in Ramstein. Party on, Garth.