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….that while the husband has gone off to the gym, I’m on the couch polishing off the Girl Scout cookies with my third cup of tea and reading (finally! An English copy!) Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy. (Holy mother of Merlin, it’s true! Was hoping sad news was a marketing ploy, but he’s really dead…) And telling myself that it’s likely best not to get sweaty due to a mysterious allergic reaction I’ve been having. Am wondering if I’m allergic to something in my house, because despite slathering anti-histamine cream all over, this annoying little itchy-burny-redness won’t go away. In fact, it seems to be getting worse. I actually feel a bit like a leper at this point. Debating on venturing out to the farmacia when the husband returns from the gym.

I bet you new followers are super excited to see that the first post in your reader from me involves a skin rash! Aha!

In other, more normal news, I’ve signed up for an official half marathon in my city, which I really ought to be training for every day (and will, as soon as I stop allergicly reacting to mystery substance). Signing my life away to the government is so far proving to be a rather good choice, since I’ve got my first paycheck and am having more fun than should be allowed at my job. And adult interaction on a daily basis, woot! I’ve also celebrated my wedding anniversary by going to a fancy restaurant in the city and getting pleasantly tipsy on fine wine, then belting out The Dan Band’s version of Total Eclipse of the Heart from the car at bewildered Italians on the street. If you aren’t familiar with this version, it’s basically the same song but with a lot of “fucks” thrown in, i.e., And I need you now tonight, I fuckin’ need you more than evah!” It was quite a romantic evening.

Well, back to Bridget Jones and the last of the now-cold tea.