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-You’re frequently running on 3-4 hours of sleep due to the time difference and your refusal to just catch the highlights on the morning after.

-You’re on a constant “we won!!!” high regardless of how shitty the day is actually going.

-You completely ignore the dress code at work in favor of your lucky Tuukka shirt….every single game day, and most non-game days, just because you’re too excited to wear normal clothes and it might jinx something.

-You were actually slightly late for work when the game went into overtime.

-Your every tweet includes a Bruins hashtag.

-You randomly and frequently scream stats at unsuspecting friends and coworkers.

-You have to leave the party early to go watch the game.

-You drop everything when you run into a fellow fan for a high-pitched, over-excited recap of the entire postseason and sometimes regular season as well.

-You are so wired for Game 5 that you have to make a WordPress list post to vent some of the giddiness and avoid screeching and flapping around the house like some bizarre fangirl-bird-type-thing while waiting for the game to start.