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That fleeting moment of clarity in the mornings when the nighttime dose of medications has worn off and the morning dose has not yet set in….is actually over.

I missed the window to write a fully coherent post in favor of reading the news while I could still focus.

Lists are easy.

Good things about two days post-op:

  • Survived operation.
  • Pain is, for the most part, manageable with pills.
  • Am able to sit supported and read/write.
  • Am terrified to use bathroom so is turning out to be quite effective diet.
  • Made it downstairs alone and got myself a glass of water. Also re-positioned self on couch alone.
  • Going to attempt a shower today.

Things that still need to improve two days post-op:

  • Cannot get up off couch or into/out of bed without help.
  • Cannot lift anything heavier than a cup of tea.
  • Husband must go to shop for best friend’s birthday gift alone.
  • Cannot do more than 3-4 laps around the house before needing to rest.
  • Terrified to remove dressing, though today I am allowed to do so.
  • Bored as hell with Internet and Hulu (how does that even happen?)
  • I keep needing to cough, which hurts so. fucking. bad.