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I sure wish this would hurry up and be over soon.

Today was the first day I have gotten out of the bed without help.

Last night I had my first real meal since Tuesday.

This is going Way. Too. Slow.

I have had so much time to think and write and do a whole lot of nothing, and I’m still out of commission for the next week at least. Last night, I became inexplicably obsessed with pretty scrapbooking things and spent an hour browsing through craft sites and picking out paper and pens and all kinds of cute crafty things…….which….I’d have to order and they wouldn’t even arrive until next month. So that fell through pretty quickly.

Today I felt really gung-ho about painting and spending all this spare time creating a masterpiece. But…….I can’t lift my easel and my supplies are mostly under the bed. I can’t bend down to get them. Then the kids went insane and I realized it probably wouldn’t have worked out anyway.

Tonight I have been writing. It was difficult to get into my setting and characters with a combat movie blaring, so I put in my earbuds to play some distracting music…..began with Lindsey Stirling and progressed to awesome electrified versions of traditional Celtic reels. Not really sure how tonight’s bit of writing will look later when the drugs and musically-induced high wear off, but I think it will mesh quite well……also tapped out a few poems reminiscent of music festivals back home because I can’t listen to traditional Celtic music without wishing I was back in the mountains, dancing barefoot in front of a string band on a rickety stage.